Posted by: montegroup | January 13, 2010

Top Search Engines In Canada

We have been doing some PPC planning and strategizing for a client and the question of Bing came up. More and more I hear from clients that they want to test Bing; and fair enough Bing has done a great job and gained market share quickly since its launch.

My thought on Bing is that it still does not have a lot of traffic for some industries. My rule of thumb has been that if you aren’t maximizing Google yet, then try to focus and optimize further and increase budget.

I have ran many tests on Bing and have found, for now, that the rewards are little for the effort put in.

Here are some recent stats from Hitwise on the Top 10 Search Engines among Internet users in Canada for early January 2010.

Top Search Engines Canada January 2010
One thing I would highlight is Google image search. Whenever  we do any SEO work, we always emphasise that proper image file naming and the use of alt tags will help your images rank better and will bring you traffic.


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