Posted by: montegroup | October 13, 2009

Travel Sites and Mobile

I know this has been talked about for months, probably for over a year now; do I need a mobile version of my site? There’s no easy answer, I think the most straightforward answer is “it depends”.

Depending on the industry, I would say yes that you need some sort of mobile version of your site. With the focus on Travel, I think the answer is “it depends”.

If you are a Convention and Visitors Bureau, the question is a tough one; I know that many high level executives or decision makers may feel inclined to say that a mobile site is needed, but would your users really use it?

Let’s say you are planning a trip to El Salvador or Australia, most users would very unlikely use their phone to visit a mobile site to do their research and planning. On the other hand if you are local DMO (destination marketing organization), it probably makes sense to have a mobile site where users once at the destination can look up addresses on a map, look for attractions, restaurants, weather forecasts and so on.

So for a CVB going mobile, I would say focus on maps, basic local information and weather info that users may also find useful once they arrive. As a CVB I would aim to have a leadership role in this space by having a solid understanding and helping the local DMO’s go mobile with sections of their sites that would be useful to visitors.

There’s a great service that can easily help your site go mobile; it is not perfect but it is really good. will work for most sites; try it, they have a free option.


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