Posted by: montegroup | August 14, 2008

Online Brand Awareness

The question! What is brand awareness and how do we measure it?

The word ‘awareness’ really bugs me; to me it is almost an excuse word for “I’m not really sure how your campaign did, but you got brand exposure”.

I know, there are brand awareness campaigns both offline and online but to really go into a campaign without any success metrics is irresponsible and shows incompetency on the part of the media buyer and perhaps even the client to some degree. But from my point of view most of the responsibility sits with the media buyer or agency.

I may be rambling here but to say that a media buy of 500,000 impressions or less over 4 weeks is brand awareness is misleading.

Another one that gets me is ROS (run of site). “ROS is good for your brand” I hear that statement all the time.

Here is another one… “home page placement tons of impressions and exposure”. Okay fair enough on this one if your Apple or Nike or someone doing a home page take over, but if you’re just buying a few thousand impressions over a short period I would call it an ineffective placement. For one, your frequency is likely going to be very low additionally your CTR (click through rate) is likely to be low as well.

So what do I always here on home page placements “it’s brand awareness”.

Marketers, agencies, media buyers….it is time to be more responsible and measure. Remember, that’s the beauty of online marketing….measurement.


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