Posted by: montegroup | May 27, 2008

Conversion Metrics for Tourism Marketers

Sorry I have not written for a few days as things have just been crazy; between preparing a presentation for Omniture, a presentation for the CTC staff retreat and all the other work I just haven’t had much time to sit and write.

I wanted to talk about Conversion Metrics for tourism, especially for tourism boards and DMO’s (destination marketing organizations).

Often when I’m talking to other marketers about conversion, they always say “how do we measure conversion”? Most feel that they don’t have a conversion to measure because no actual dollar transaction occurs on their web site.

Conversion is the act of getting your web users to do a particular ‘thing’, whatever that it is….basically your success metric(s).

For tourism boards this is often hard as most have never viewed web conversion from this perspective, but I think as web analytics evolves it empowers marketers with the tools and data to make intelligent decisions based on concrete results.

Some ideas for conversion:
– Page views per visit
– Entry to a contest/sweepstakes
– Subscription to an enewsletter
– Leads captured for partners
– Downloads of brochures/travel guides
– Brochure/travel guide requests
– Clicks/traffic sent to partners’ web sites
– Video views
– Blog review/post
– Photo upload

This is just a small list of the most common conversion metrics for tourism marketers, however you can easily expand on this list; again it should be based on your success metrics….think of these and it’ll help you define your conversion metrics.



  1. Working in both Public relations and e-marketing for tourism, this is an area which i have found fascinating too.

    From a PR perspective we are often able to track/measure the success of PR through web traffic driven from a media source. This has been a wonderful development brought on by online media and a greater understanding of web statistics in general.

    But then once the traffic is flowing, how do we measure if the the client’s website is actually converting to sales? Google has a few tools in relation to conversions as part of their Adwords, I’m looking forward to moving our measurable marketing onto the next step.

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