Posted by: montegroup | April 9, 2008

UGC – User Generated Content

Recently at the 2008 ARF Re:think conference, the agency Universal McCann presented some really interesting data on user generated content and consumer adoption.

Based on the data presented the US in behind emerging markets such as Brazil, China and Russia when it comes to consumer adoption of video sharing, blogging and social networking.

A huge number that stood out was China, with 43 million people that have started their own blogs vs. 26.4 million in the US; Social networking in countries like Brazil, Russia and Mexico is said to be growing at a rate of 70% per year vs. 49% in the US.

So far this year the fastest growing UGC categories in the US are watching line videos, podcasts downloads and subscribing to RSS feeds.

Another interesting comment made at the conference, was that social networks are not necessarily the best venue for traditional ads.

I think that by looking at sites like FaceBook, MySpace and YouTube you can clearly see that the above statement is very true. Social Networking and advertising still don’t seem to work well with just straight advertising…it usually seems to need more, such as some kind of sponsorship, promotion or some cool widget.

If you have thoughts to add, please do.


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