Posted by: montegroup | April 2, 2008

Ad Variations for Google AdWords

I wanted to touch on this topic as I still run into many Search marketing campaigns that are not taking advantage of multiple ad variations; this is shocking for me, as for the most part these are campaigns being managed by large ad agencies or well respected SEM consultants.

As best practice you should always run at minimum of 3 ad variations per ad group; this is key for optimizing your PPC campaign.

After a few days or weeks you will see which ad or ads are not performing and you may wish to edit them. Again as best practice you should not be editing ads, but rather pausing and creating new ads.

By pausing poor performing ad(s) you keep historical information; in addition AdWords treats edited ads as new ads. Remember that ad position is determined by your quality score and part of this is calculated by your ad’s relevance using historical information, so an edited ad may affect your position.

Again be sure to run multiple ad variations, this is one of the basic foundations for optimizing SEM campaigns.



  1. With Google Adword Editor,a software tool for Adwords, you could easily create the ads you want and be able to test it with a minumum bid to see which ads works and can easily make adjustement to your ads to perform even better

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