Posted by: montegroup | April 1, 2008

Top 5 Tourism Web Sites

The following are the top five tourism web sites from an US Internet traffic perspective, measured by unique visitors. Note that this data is from February 2008 (000’s).

1. – 5,378
2. – 1,837
3. – 1,641
4. – 792
5. – 734

I have ran campaigns on TripAdvisor, IgoUgo and VirtualTourist and must say that VT has been good for ski campaigns. Overall they have good traffic but as a lot of people have discussed, the mindset of users on travel review sites may not be so attentive to advertising.

*source of data, emarketer



  1. A couple thoughts here:

    VT – I’m assuming View Through or Post Impression conversions – is there really any value here? These sites, just by their inherent nature scoop up so many users who are already on their way to making a transaction thereby gaining credit for something they had little involvement in. This is because their reach is so high among online travelers. I’ve done many tests in the past which concluded that VT has little to no value. When looking at post click transactions these sites perform no better than anything else.

    Secondly, What are your thoughts on for example Trip Advisor being a site that people go to after their destination has been purchased or at least their flights. In other words it’s way too far down the consideration funnel in order for it have any successful advertising. Is there any research that suggests when in the consideration process people visit Trip Advisor. For example, its quite obvious that many people visit after their vacation in order to post reviews about it.


  2. […] UGC Travel Sites Too Far Down the Funnel? A previous post on the ‘top travel sites’ generated a comment from a reader in the UK; the question was around sites like TripAdvisor […]

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