Posted by: montegroup | March 25, 2008

YouTube Advertising – Part 1.5

I wanted to follow up on my original YouTube Advertising post from a few days ago as it was not clear and I stand to be corrected by a reader (thanks for calling me, much appreciated).

The original post talks about the Travel Alberta ad and the irrelevant (but to be fair, you could argue this either way in the sense of being relevant) context of where the ad was served; trying to provide background on how I found the ad, it somewhat implies that my search term triggered the ad which is not clear nor true.

More than likely Travel Alberta is using Site Targeting now re-branded to Placement Targeting. To be fair Google does allow you to select you audience demographics such as age, income and geo location.

In a nutshell, my comments or thoughts on this are the same as before – ads need to be within relevant content to the right audience; just because it is YouTube or MySpace or some Web 2.0 initiative it shouldn’t mean that our conversion metrics are out the window.

I think that many agencies need to evolve and help companies and marketers be more targeted, many agencies are still standing by ‘brand awareness’ or ‘exposure’; both of these are needed I don’t disagree but when it comes to online there’s so much more – it is called conversion or success metrics/events.

To be fair on YouTube, you are able to target based on YouTube Brand Channel which is a bit expensive but perhaps more targeted. Here is the link to the YouTube advertising page.

Thanks again for reading for providing feedback.



  1. […] Alberta ad – more of the point was the relevancy of ad based on content. I have written a new post, YouTube Advertising 1.5, that reflects some of the feedback I have […]

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