Posted by: montegroup | March 16, 2008

YouTube Advertising

More and more advertisers are testing YouTube; this time I ran into a very nice ad from Travel Alberta, however I think it missed the point as it was out of place.

I know that they are geo-targeting to Canada or maybe just BC, but it was completely out of context. Not sure how much YouTube is able to target based on content or video tags but the timing of the ad based on my search was completely off.

To give you a bit of background, I was searching for the Smurf’s theme song in Spanish (please don’t ask why); one of the results had something around ‘Smurf’s music and satan’, when I clicked on this weird search term the Alberta ad came up.

I truly believe in social media, but I think we as advertisers need to make sure that we stick to our key metrics – I know that many are given test budgets, and sometimes we’re not held as accountable as if it were ‘regular/core’ budget but this should not translate to just getting traffic in quantity rather than quality.

Again, I am not sure how much targeting YouTube can do but I am certain that they can show the ad within relevant content.

YouTube Advertising

update – March 25/08

Thanks to all that have read this post and for the one person that actually called me. 

I wanted to clarify that am not necessarily saying that my search term drove the Alberta ad – more of the point was the relevancy of ad based on content. I have written a new post, YouTube Advertising 1.5, that reflects some of the feedback I have received.



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