Posted by: montegroup | March 4, 2008

SearchCenter 3.0

Web analytics leader, Omniture, will be announcing tomorrow, March 5, the latest release of SearchCenter, version 3.0.

During the 2008 Omniture Summit we were lucky enough to have a preview of the beta version before its release; as usual Omniture has delivered on many feature requests.

Here are some highlights:

1. Redesigned User Interface – it now has very intuitive navigation, integrated campaign management and key reporting metrics
2. Help and Community Page – SearchCenter now has links to relevant knowledge base articles and documents, plus the community plugs you in with Omniture experts.
3. Better Search Engine Integration – the tool is now plugged in to the latest API’s, plus support for Miva EU has been added.
4. Offline Data Integration – this is very powerful as it allows you to create improved bidding strategies and achieve closed-loop marketing by bringing in data from other sources such as CRM, call centers and ad serving software to name a few.
5. Portfolio Optimization – this optimizes keyword bids across a campaign for a specific metric such as ROAS, revenue, clicks or impressions. This is very cool for managing long tail keywords and seasonal campaigns.

If you haven’t used SearchCenter or are unfamiliar with Omniture, click here to learn more.

Please don’t think I work for Omniture, but if you’re serious about online marketing you owe to yourself to learn more about the power of web analytics in general.


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