Posted by: montegroup | February 29, 2008

ROS Run of Site

When should an online marketer use ROS? I feel that way too many sellers/vendors offer this as turnkey solution to any online media plan – it’s always “let’s do run of site and we’ll optimize”.

I have nothing against run of site; however one should always focus on targeted placements where possible.

Be sure that if you’re running ROS, that you optimize based on conversion rather than click through rate. Doing this may require a bit more work at the start, but it is crucial in determining what is and isn’t working.

Assign unique tracking id’s to your banners based on each site section and ask the publisher/vendor to ad serve the campaign this way; though you may be serving the same ad across the entire site, at your end you should be able to see which site section is giving you the best conversion rate.

It’s good to note that most publishers and agencies usually only focus on delivery rates; did the campaign delivery all impressions? This is how they are measured internally, so optimizing for conversion doesn’t usually occur unless the client sets this as the basis for optimization.

Once you have validated which site sections have the best conversion rate, use this data for your next media buy with this vendor – don’t run ROS again, there’s no need to waste impressions as you already know the best performing sections/channels.



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