Posted by: montegroup | February 8, 2008

Where The Bloody Hell Are You – Dropped

A recent report by ABC announced that the famous “so where the bloody hell are you” campaign has been dropped; after 2 years of both good and bad controversy.

Tourism Australia spent about $180 million over the 2 year span generating lots of publicity and PR around the world; however the statistics show that visitor numbers to Australia have not had a major increase over this period.

When Tourism Australia launched the campaign the goal was to create a memorable line or slogan that would capture people’s attention and stick in their minds; similar to Paul Hogan’s line, “come on and say G’day”. Overall I think the slogan has been a memorable one, but for the most part it has been memorable for the wrong reasons.

From an awareness perspective I think it captured and reached many possible consumers, however it may have not been strong enough and it seemed to be missing a strong call to action; it was almost as if it lacked follow through.

Overall a good campaign; we’ll wait and see where Australia goes next.

So Where The Bloody Hell Are You commercial – enjoy.


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