Posted by: montegroup | February 5, 2008

Yahoo Search AKA Panama Upgrades

Yahoo has just announced that they’re making upgrades to their YSM (Panama) platform. The upgrades are supposed to improve keyword targeting, allow you to generate keywords more efficiently, improve tracking and overall better campaign management.

All these sounds like fantastic upgrades, but from a personal level I wish they would improve their reporting platform and API.

Here are some highlights:

Quick Add: This feature lets you add up to 500 keywords directly to your campaign, assuming you already know what keywords you would like to add.

Excluded Keywords: Yahoo has expanded the maximum number of account-level and ad group-level excluded keywords from 50 to 250; note that excluded keywords only apply to the Advanced Match option in Sponsored Search.

Enhances Ad Optimization: This feature is great, as it now addresses what I’ve writing about in past posts…..let’s optimize by conversion rather than just CTR. This feature let’s you optimize by conversion, revenue or impressions – not just clicks.

Let’s enjoy the new Panama! Go out and optimize based on conversion – this is the biggest win from these upgrades.


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