Posted by: montegroup | February 3, 2008

Using the NoFollow Tag

Many webmasters and marketing managers are afraid of linking to other sites and are using the NoFollow tag (rel=”nofollow”) on all outbound links and even some internal links.

So when should the NoFollow tag be used?

From a tourism marketing perspective, many sites links out to partner sites and other tourist related information sites; so this is where the question comes up, should the NoFollow tag be used on all these links.

The answer to above should be driven by your relationship with these sites, as they may be expecting a clean link, and on what page these links are found. For instance if you have a page dedicated to partners or information links, then it may be okay not to use the NoFollow tag.

However, if you have links to third party sites on your home page or ‘money pages’ I would recommend using the NoFollow tag. Remember the objective of using rel=”nofollow” in the urls is to keep your PageRank juice on your page.

From an internal link building perspective, most experienced SEO’s know that these are very important and you should rarely be using the NoFollow tag in your internal links. As an example, from your home page it would make sense to add the NoFollow tag to links such as ‘privacy policy, ‘terms and conditions’, ‘photo credits’ and other links of that nature.

I know all the pages listed above are internal pages, but for the most part you don’t care if they rank well.

I know this may sound a bit confusing, so if you have any questions please contact me.


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