Posted by: montegroup | January 18, 2008

Web Analytics For 2008

I recently attended a webcast hosted by the Web Analytics Association; the presentation covered the survey results of over 500 web analytics end-users and their thoughts on where they see the industry heading in 2008.

There are 3 slides that I wanted to share as they are very interesting and hopefully useful for all.

The first answers the question of which department is responsible for web analytics. I think the highlight here is that IT’s share of the pie is shrinking as the art of web analytics evolves.

Web Analytics

As you can see most of the control lies within Marketing and Business Intelligence, combining for 73%; I think that as web analytics play a bigger roles in marketing, we’ll actually see a BI person within the marketing department. 

The second slide illustrates how much influence IT has in the selection of a web analytics tool; from a personal perspective I would like to see this decrease, as more often than not IT will make decisions from a technical point of view rather than marketing needs.

Web Analytics Decisions
The last slide shows the challenges web analytic users face in 2008. I think the top two are hugely important as this is where change management will be key.

Change Management for 2008

Management and Senior decision makers need to better understand analytics and be able to make marketing decisions based on data analysis rather than personal opinion.

Web analytics are here to make us better marketers by empowering us with the ability to analyze and optimize marketing campaigns based on actual data and users’ behaviours rather than a hunch.

*source of slides – Web Analytics Association webcast, January 17/08


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