Posted by: montegroup | January 16, 2008

Web Analytics Conversion Metrics – Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 we covered the basics of web analytics, from understanding the difference between a web hit and visit to unique visitors and page views.

Now in Part 3 I would like to discuss conversion metrics; understanding what these are and change management when it comes to campaigns. The goal should be to take campaigns from click throughs to conversion.

Conversion – the simple definition: Getting your site users to do the “thing” that you would like them to do.

So what is the “thing”? it could be as straight forward as a sale, a contest entry, a subscription to a newsletter, a file download such as a travel guide to perhaps having users view a certain number of pages.

To any marketer conversion should be top of mind; the new thinking in marketing should be to focus on optimizing a campaign based on conversion rate rather than click through rate.

There are many web analytic tools out there that will help you track conversion; but whichever tool you are using, be sure that you tag your banners, keywords or any other initiative that you may be doing with unique tracking id’s.

I know that it will take some change management, but it is our job as online marketers to ensure that we push for change. Let’s be sure to optimize based on success metrics rather than CTR.

From click through rate to conversion!!!

Reference posts: Web Analytics Part 1 | Web Analytics Part 2



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