Posted by: montegroup | January 9, 2008

Wikia Search is Launched

Happy New Year to all!

Sorry I hadn’t written for a couple of weeks now, but I need a good break.

I came across the Wikia Search news a couple of days ago and thought it would make a good topic to start the new year.

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, launched the “Alpha” version of his user-driven search engine Wikia Search this past January 7. The big thing with Wikia Search is that rather than relying on an algorithm to sort out search results, users will rate results in order to determine relevance.

When I first heard this, the first thing that came to mind was SEO. I know that Wikia Search concept is new and will take some time for it to compile the depth of results to rival Google, but could this change the way we do SEO?

I’m just thinking that from an end user perspective, results based on a rating system by other users may present greater relevance than results based on SEO’s playing around with algorithms. It’s just a thought; however I don’t think SEO will go away any time soon.

Wikia Search


  1. hi montegroup,
    nice post….keep posting 🙂

    recently Jimmy Wales came to IIT tech fest,Mumbai and captured him on camera answering these Question..
    What is Wikia Search? How is Wikia Social Search Different from Google Search?
    Will Wikia Make Search More Semantic?
    What bought forth the vision for Wikia an Online Library as opposed to Wikipedia which is an online encyclopedia?
    check out for more information.

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