Posted by: montegroup | December 19, 2007

Online Marketing Christmas List

Given that we’re close to Christmas I wanted to put together an online marketing Christmas wish list. This list is based on experience but also from speaking with colleagues and others in the Internet marketing world.

These are the top 5 items on the Christmas list:
1. Web analytics tool
2. Change management, from CTR to Conversion
3. Search engine optimization (SEO)
4. Social media optimization (SMO)
5. Multivariate testing

1. Web Analytics tool
This one should be at the top of all marketers wish list; how can you market efficiently and determine ROI if you don’t have an analytics tool in place?

I know that many marketers and agencies are still reporting on web hits, which is an old inaccurate metric. The online marketer of the future needs to look at better tools that will help him track visitor behaviour, including path analysis and ultimately conversion.

I have a couple of posts on web analytics, Part 1 and Part 2, if you wish to read more on this subject.

2. Change management, from CTR to Conversion
In order for this to occur you need to have step one, web analytics tool, in place. Again many marketers are still measuring success on click through rates (CTR) or the amount of traffic driven to the web site

In order to make this change you need to determine your objectives, goals and conversion metric(s). Remember at the end of the day it should NOT be about the quantity of traffic but rather the quality and getting users to convert.

3. Search Engine Optimization – SEO
This subject has been on people’s vocabulary and on their ‘things to do’ list for a few years now, but it has only been in the last year or two that SEO has become front and center for many marketers.

If you don’t rank well, you won’t be found and unless you have deep pockets for PPC you’re losing out on quality traffic.

4. Social Media Optimization – SMO
This has been a hot topic for the last year or so; all part of all the Web 2.0 buzz.

Part on doing SMO is insuring that your destination videos are uploaded to YouTube, Google Video and any other video sharing site. SMO is blogs, tagging content, syndicating content, uploading images to Flickr and all the other photo sharing sites.

If you’re not doing this yet, you should put it on your list of ‘things to do’ for 2008.

5. Multivariate Testing
In order to do this you will need a good web analytics tool. Multivariate is the key to optimizing the site for better site usability and ultimately conversion.

Multivariate testing should be the telling data and analysis that drives your site changes and redesigns. This will also take some change management but instead of having a CEO or Director drive site changes, it should be the data.

I have post on multivariate testing if you wish to read further.

I’m sure we can all come up with more than just 5 items for the Christmas list, but I felt that these would have the biggest impact in the way we market online in 2008.

If you have your own list or would like to add to this list, please leave a comment or send me an email.


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