Posted by: montegroup | December 13, 2007

Marketing Richmond, BC

Continuing with the series of Marketers’ posts, this time is Tourism Richmond’s turn; again thanks to  Ange for taking the time to participate.

Ange Chew, is the Director of Marketing for Tourism Richmond. At Tourism Richmond her role is to market Richmond, BC as a travel destination to foreign visitors from around the world for leisure, meetings, events, conferences and group travel.

Ange has been working in the travel industry for the last 5 years, previous to Tourism Richmond, she was at Intrawest Corporation.

Daniel: How have your campaigns performed in 2007? 

Ange: Tourism Richmond’s goal is to market Richmond as a travel destination to visitors that are beyond the reach of our membership’s individual efforts. We currently do ad placements in traditional vertical travel magazines and city newspapers but hope to incorporate online search and pay per click advertising next year with the launch of our new brand and website.

Daniel: What are some of the challenges marketing your destination?
Ange: Similar to many smaller organizations, we have limited budgets and with the costs of traditional print and media placements rising each year, we have to find ways to increase exposure for our City at low costs.

We work with a local PR Agency to help us expand our City’s exposure with the North American Travel Media. We regularly pitch story ideas and host media tours with travel writers, our efforts have generated over many articles in channels that we normally would not be able to afford.

As a venue city for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, we have a huge opportunity to make a great first impression to millions of potential visitors; the new passport law also impacts the opportunity for visitors from the US to come stay in our city. 
 Daniel: What is your current budget ratio, offline/online? And do you plan on increase the online allocation?
Ange: Currently, we do not market online but will be moving to incorporate online initiatives next year when we have our new website launched. Due to the limitations of our current site, we have not wanted to drive traffic there.

Daniel: Is the strength of the Canadian dollar hurting or going to hurt you in the short/long term future?

Ange: The high Canadian dollar will hurt us in the short term, everyone adjusts in the long term and with the 2010 Winter Olympics coming to Richmond, Vancouver and Whistler we will see the return of our US visitors.
Daniel: What emerging trends do you see happening online? And are you ready to take advantage of them?
Ange: Having the ability to allow visitors and team members to blog about their experiences can really highlight your destination; this is also a great way to generate new content.
Daniel: Do you have any best practice tips when it comes to online marketing?
Ange: See what your competition is doing and learn from them.

Daniel: If we were to visit your destination, what would be the ‘things to see and do’ that most tourists may not know about?
Ange: Richmond has the highest concentration of heritage sites in BC, plus you can go whale watching from Steveston, visit the 2 fruit wineries in the city and also taste the best Asian cuisine outside of China.

Thanks Ange for taking the time to share with us!

Below is a great user generated video of Richmond found on YouTube.



  1. Hey,

    Thatz my video !!!!!!!!

    Yes, I LOVE Richmond !!!!

    Tell all the world to come to this wonderful place !!


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