Posted by: montegroup | December 10, 2007

Marketing Ski with Weather

I wanted to write a quick post on Weather Targeting; I know most have heard of geo-targeting or behavioural targeting but perhaps not weather targeting.

Weather targeting is a way of targeting ads based on specific weather conditions; this could be a great way to market ski destinations to consumers.

The offers the ability to trigger ad banners based on weather, as an example we could build a campaign that only displays the ads when the temperature is between 30-40 degrees or cooler and snow is the forecast or when it is snowing.

On top of Weather Targeting we could also ad geo-targeting, which will deliver your message to your target audience with the right message under the ideal environment when it comes to the experience you’re trying to promote.

This form of targeting is available on the WeatherBug’s web site and also on their weather application, see screenshot below.

Marketing Ski with Weather


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