Posted by: montegroup | December 4, 2007

Marketing Nunavut

Finally, here is the first in a series of posts from Marketers in the Tourism Industry in Canada. First up is Jillian Dickens, Marketing Officer for Nunavut Tourism.

These Marketers posts are presented in an interview like format in the attempt to make for an easier read.

Daniel: What are some of the challenges marketing your destination?

Jillian: Budget is a definite challenge considering our overall marketing budget is very low! This limits our ability to focus on our website performance as thoroughly as we’d like.

The aspects of our destination that best represent our strengths – unique, exotic, unspoiled – also represent our challenges. Nunavut is a relatively unknown location even among Canadians; making online marketing particularly important and marketing as a whole more expensive considering more of it is needed.

Daniel: What is your current budget ratio, offline/online? And do you plan on increase the online portion?

Jillian: The current budget ratio is 15:1 offline to online.

We plan to increase the online ratio, because more and more the Internet is where people gather information. It is also more cost-effective.

Daniel: Is the strength of the Canadian dollar hurting or going to hurt you in the short/long term future?

Jillian: The Canadian dollar mostly affects the number of U.S. visitors to Canada. Given that the majority of Nunavut’s visitors come from Southern Canada, we are not seeing a significant effect. As well, our product is so unique that people who have made the decision to visit are rarely deterred by such a trend. 

Daniel: What emerging trends do you see happening online? And are you ready to take advantage of them?

Jillian: We believe our visitors are slowly becoming more comfortable with booking packages online. This will be a challenge for us to set up in a complete way due to the fact that many of Nunavut Tourism’s members are not as comfortable with the internet as needed for this. Therefore, it will be some time before we will have an expansive online booking service within our membership. However, we hope to offer this service in the near future for some members who have that capacity.

Daniel: Do you have any best practice tips when it comes to online marketing?

Jillian: We have a heightened awareness of the importance of social media and are planning to launch our Web 2.0 marketing strategy in the early year.

Our tip would be to choose what social media outlet you plan to use directly on your site wisely, for using too many or using them in the wrong way, could dissuade, confuse and frustrate your web visitors and potential destination visitors. 

Daniel: And finally… If we were to visit your destination, what would be the ‘things to see and do’ that most tourists may not know about?

Jillian: Nunavut is well-known for its exotic landscapes and rare wildlife, and less known for its rich history and the relics left behind to help tell the stories.

Because Nunavut is a frozen desert for much of the year, it possesses the perfect conditions for preserving artefacts. Therefore, the remains of, for example, the Tuniit people (the people before the Inuit) can be seen by taking a short walk on the tundra nearby some Nunavut communities.

Again, thanks for Jillian for taking the time to share with us. Below is an interesting video on Nunavut found on YouTube.

Next up is Tourism Richmond, please stay tuned.




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