Posted by: montegroup | November 17, 2007

Canada e-Connect Conference

This past week I had the opportunity of attending the first ever Canada e-Connect conference in Vancouver at the Fairmont Waterfront.

On the first day I had the privilege of attending the first ever e-Tourism Council; it was a closed door event attended only by masterminds of the tourism industry across Canada.

Day two and three of the conference were fantastic; the keynotes and presenters were first class, touching on key topics in the tourism industry and trends such as social media, mobile marketing and Web 2.0

The e-Tourism awards were, sandwiched between days one and two, held at Science World Omnimax Theater in Vancouver. The show was incredible.

All attendees had the opportunity to preview part of the first ever destination video that is being produced for Canada; to be released in 2009 just in time for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The film starts with a steam locomotive weaving through the awesome Rocky Mountains of Western Canada…not sure how it will continue as this is all they had made this far. The experience was amazing as you’re sitting inside this globe where the movie plays in front, on the sides and above your head.

Now, I have to share this picture
of myself sitting in Yahoo’s Big
Idea Chair
; very cool chair.On the right side bar is a flickr badge with more pictures from the first ever Canada e-Connect conference.
Daniel Vasquez Yahoo's Big Idea Chair


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