Posted by: montegroup | November 15, 2007

Web Analytics – Part 2

I thought it was time to get back to analytics as Part 1 seems so long ago.

I wanted to get more in-depth into the subject and review some basic metrics that you should be reviewing. We’ll cover Unique Visitors, Page Views, Repeat Visitors and Referrers.

Unique Visitors: most still find this metric a bit confusing and some report their monthly stats on Visitors or Visits or Uniques…always not quite sure what their really reporting.

A simple definition would be: the number of ‘people’ that have visited your site.

As a standard you measure unique visitors on a monthly basis. A good analogy is as follows:

October – you visit a grocery store 4 times; this would count as 1 Unique and 4 Visits
November – you visit the grocery store 3 times; this would count as 1 Unique and 3 Visits

If you were reporting a 2 month period, you would report 2 Uniques and 7 Visits.

Page Views: This is very simple; it is just the count of how many pages have been seen by users of your site. An often related metric is looking at the average page views per visit.

It is hard to say what the benchmark should be, as each site is so different, but you think of your conversion path; in an optimal situation how many pages should users be seeing? So the benchmark and watch the number closely.

Repeat Visitors: this is a metric that measures the loyalty of your users. Again depending on your site, this is a very telling number. If the number is low, perhaps you need to review your content. It is possible that users are not finding what they are looking for.

Referrers: review this closely and see where you are getting traffic from. The usual suspects such as Google and Yahoo! will show up here, but try to find those golden nuggets; look for sites that you had thought of but perhaps are giving you good traffic. This gives you the opportunity to explore these sites and try to maximize traffic from them.

In Part 3 we’ll look at Conversion metrics.


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