Posted by: montegroup | November 8, 2007

SEO for Videos

As UGC (user generated content) grows more and more and video sharing becomes more popular, SEOing for videos will become very important to marketers.

Everyday technology gets better and better allowing users to acquire camcorders, digital cameras and cell phones cheaply that will produce good quality video clips that can quickly be downloaded to computers; in addition mobile technology now allows you to upload videos to video sharing sites, such as YouTube, directly from your cell phone.

So with evolving technology, marketers should bring SEO to the forefront and ensure that online users are able to find their videos. Another important reason is indexing by search engines. This is still developing, by you want to make that your video is optimized and ready for indexing.

Here are some SEO pointers for your travel videos:

1. Page Title = Video Title
Title is a crucial element of SEOing a web site; same applies to videos. The same keyword research that you do to optimize your site applies to videos. This means that you should be using your keywords in the title of your video

2. Meta Tags = Tags or Meta Data
In the same way you would add meta tags to your web pages, you need to add appropriate tags to your videos. Again, use your keywords as tags or meta data when uploading your videos.

3. Content = Content or Comments
Content is another important element of SEO, using keyword rich content along with term vectors will help your ranking. When uploading videos, be sure to supply a good description in the available “Comment Box”; making sure the content is optimized for SEO.  Also in most cases adding the url to your site will not be hyperlinked, but it is good practice to add it for branding.

These are the top 3 areas I would focus on, there’s another one I am testing and will update everyone once I have concrete results.

If you have other ideas for SEOing videos, please be sure to add your comments or send me an email.

Below is a good example from the Executive Hotels, if you search for ‘vancouver downtown hotels’ they are in the top 5; their title could be stronger but they’re down the right path.


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