Posted by: montegroup | November 4, 2007

GodTube vs. YouTube has recently launched as a video sharing site for Christian content; during the month of October it had over 4 million unique visitors and already has over 150,000 registered users.

Unlike YouTube, all the videos are reviewed before they are published to ensure content is not questionable.

Founder, Chris Wyatt is a member of the First Baptist Church of Dallas and says the site is neutral and opened to all theological views.

Below is Stephen Baldwin Testimony, a great watch and would encourage all to take the 5 minutes to view it all.

Before I end this post, you may be asking yourself “how does this relate to tourism marketing?”. It’s all about user generated content, in this case we can take Stephen Baldwin’s example…get your users/consumers to do the marketing for you.

As pointed out in previous posts, upload videos about your destination to video sites; get your consumers to upload their videos as well, encourage this through a contest or just make sure they have a fantastic time so they’ll want to share it on their own.

Stephen Baldwin Testimony

Stephen Baldwin Testimony


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