Posted by: montegroup | October 31, 2007

Online Marketing and Halloween

Given that it is Halloween I wanted to share a case study of how we, Internet marketing consultants, can help make a difference for businesses.

We work with a local Spanish Baptist church here in Vancouver, BC; we were hired to implement both live audio and video streaming for their website, but also to do some SEO.

Through SEO we have seen their number of free MP3 sermon downloads go from virtually a handful in a month to an average of close to 10,000.

But the huge win was around Halloween. Through our keyword research we saw an opportunity to share the church’s views on Halloween and potentially be able to drive additional qualified traffic to the site.

We approached their council and suggested that they put together some content on Halloween. We optimized the page and were able to increase site traffic by 30% in the month of October; this led to hundreds of emails from users and hundreds of downloads of a Halloween MP3 the church had put together.

Overall it was very successful, and the church is very happy as they were able to reach those that were not necessarily looking for a church.

I know this is not tourism related, but the same basic concept can be applied to tourism marketing. Look for supporting content that may be added to your site, that you know your target market will be looking for. This is a great and easy way to drive additional targeted traffic to your site.


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