Posted by: montegroup | October 23, 2007

Web Analytics – Part 1

Before we continue on the subject of PPC, I wanted to touch base on web analytics and the importance of having a good analytics tool and team in-house make.

Many traditional marketers turned online marketers don’t quiet understand the value or the reports from web analytics tools; but to the rest of us web analytics should be the key driver for optimizing campaigns and reaching success.

Take your campaigns from the click through to the conversion!

Many online marketers, including many agencies, still measure campaign success on click throughs; depending on your objectives this may be okay, but true success metric should be your conversion….whatever it may be, sale, signup to an enewsletter, contest entry, pages consumed and so on.

Before we get more in-depth I want to touch on a very basic definition, hits vs. visits. I am left in awe when I hear agencies and account reps from large firms talking about hits.

Hits are an old way of counting site traffic, plus it is very inaccurate. Hits are file requests to the server, for example a page with some text and 10 images would count for 11 hits. A visit is often defined, industry standard, as a series of consecutive page views without a 30 minute break.

See example below for a better visual explanation.

– Visitors enters site, views 5 pages (leaves computer for 10min to feed dog)
– Same visitor comes back, views another 3 pages (goes for an 1hr lunch)

This would count as one Visit with 8 page views.

I’ll get into more in-depth web analytics in another post, but for now I want to end this with one thought.

Define your success event or conversion and use this to optimize your campaign. 



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