Posted by: montegroup | October 15, 2007

Online Marketing for Small Business

I thought this topic needed to be covered, as after attending a Vancouver AM meeting this past Friday it was evident that the small businesses need to get the “how to do it” presentation.

The event was held at the Empire Landmark hotel in downtown Vancouver, the topic of the morning covered the area of Web 2.0 and went through examples in the tourism industry.

When it comes to small businesses, the backbone of the tourism industry, budgets are usually small and staff resources limited. The great thing about Web 2.0 tools is that most of them are easy to implement and usually free.

Some ideas:

Flickr, this is great for letting your consumers share their photos with other travelers and potential customers. Creating an account is free and adding the Flickr badge to your web site is very simple.

All you would need to need to do is create a badge and build it by making it look for a particular tag or keyword; as an idea all images tagged as xyzboatcruises will be picked up by the badge…so in this case you would ask consumers to upload pictures and add the tag xyzboatcruises to their photos.

YouTube, if you have some videos of your services be sure to upload them to YouTube. Again the key here is to use the right keywords in the title and tags.

– Start a blog. WordPress and Blogspot are some of the better known blogging platforms; you don’t need to know html to start a blog, it is easy and should create value to your consumers and also help with SEO.

– Create profiles on MySpace or FaceBook. Many think these audiences trend too young but if you think about it a traveler/consumer could be any age. Yes, you need to stay true to your core consumers, but you also need to think of targeting by lifestyle and behavior.

These are just some ideas that you could do on your own, or have an Internet marketing agency assist you with.


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