Posted by: montegroup | October 1, 2007

Video Advertising

There’s nothing like video to show potential travelers what your destination looks like and hopefully inspire them with a great experience.

Most of us have heard of ad networks and behavioural networks, and now video networks. There’s Tremor Media and new to the market BrightRoll.

BrightRoll is an aggregator and allows you to place your video within edited content on sites such as CNN, ESPN, iVillage and Yahoo! to name a few. Between all the sites there are multiple video formats such as .mov, .flv, .wmv, .avi, .mpg; the great thing about BrightRoll is that they’ll take care of reformatting your video at no extra cost.

This may seem like I am trying to sell BrightRoll, but I’m just really excited for small tour operators and DMO’s that may not have large budgets for editing video in multiple formats.

So if you are fishing lodge or small DMO like Penticton, video advertising is not as expensive or far off as it once seemed.


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