Posted by: montegroup | September 29, 2007

Multivariate Testing

So back to PPC; let’s now focus on landing pages.

Many advertisers make the mistake of not worrying about the landing page their driving traffic to, let alone worry about multivariate testing. Landing pages are essential to achieving higher conversions and hitting your desired ROI.

As an example if you are a fishing lodge bidding on the term ‘fly in fishing’ you want to make sure to drive traffic to a page where it is obvious that the content on it is about fly in fishing. A lot of advertisers make the mistake of driving everything to the home page.

Making sure the landing page has relevant content is the least thing that should be done, after that comes multivariate testing; with this strategy you are trying to find your ‘money’ page, the one that gives you the highest conversion – whatever your conversion may be.

Multivariate testing could involve things as placing the call to action on the top left as supposed to the bottom right, or testing with different navigation, or color, or content layout and list could go on and on.

Let’s say you have 4 different versions of a page, you could drive 25% of traffic to each page and test conversion; one thing to note, for this to work you need to have a good web analytics tool in place. I’ll cover analytics on a future post.

After testing pages, you should be able to see which page is working the best or perhaps 2 have risen to the top in which case you may want to incorporate elements from both into one and test a bit more. At the end of the day the goal, as stated above, is to find your ‘money’ page the one that will give you the highest conversion.

Now let’s all go out and start testing landing pages.


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