Posted by: montegroup | September 18, 2007

Search Marking (PPC) – 2

Sorry, I know it has been a long time since my last post. I’m trying but summer holidays and some business travel has taken up a lot of my time; I figure I should have more time available now that summer is over.  Okay, back to Search Marketing or PPC as it is also know….oh did I mention Paid Search?On the previous post I covered a basic check list when developing a PPC campaign, now lets focus on Ad Copy.  Ad Copy is crucial for a successful campaign. You have limited space to get your message in front of consumers, so making sure you optimize and test as much as you can, should yield great results later on.  

First, we need to understand that it is not a straight bidding system with Google (Yahoo has gone this direction as well); Google likes to focus on relevancy and takes your average CTR (click through rate) when determining in what position your ad will show up in.As an example, you can have two companies buying the same keyword, using the same max. bid, but one has a 0.50% CTR and the other 0.85%. What this means is that the company with the higher CTR will show up higher than the other and ultimate pay less for that click.

True, the other company could increase their max. bid dramatically in order to move up, but this means that they’ll be paying more for the same click.  So an easy thing do (and best practice as well), is to create at least 3 ad variations for your ad groups. By doing this you are able to test messaging and allow Google to automatically optimize the campaign for you. How you ask? Well, Google will serve all 3 ads evenly at the start of the campaign, but as the campaign progresses one ad usually stands above the rest. Once this is figured out, Google will show the ad with the highest CTR more frequently. By doing this you are optimizing your CTR which should yield you an overall higher CTR that should help you achieve a higher position at a lower cost per click (CPC). On next post we’ll cover landing pages and testing.   


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