Posted by: montegroup | July 14, 2007

Fishing Lodges

This being my first post, I thought I would start with a topic that is a bit unexpected based on the title of this blog.

Okay, fishing lodges. This is a luxury product that not many have the opportunity to do. I wanted to highlight Northern Rockies Lodge up in the north of BC. They offer a very unique product in a very niche industry that not many can compete with.

Traditionally they have gained exposure and clients by participating in trade shows, but recently they started making the push online by focusing on SEO strategies, PPCand very shortly social networks. The switch to the online space has not been all that great for this fishing lodge, but changes have been put in place in order to optimize the PPC campaigns.

The key learning from this is that not everyone can run a successful PPC campaign, many say they do but when it comes to optimization they are failing due to lack of experience.

The next series of posts will focus on PPC (pay per click) and best practice tips.



  1. very good post, will certainly take this into account as we’re thinking of starting a PPC campaign…will make sure that we start off right with a good PPC company.

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